Red Stag Hunt

New Zealnd genitics

Prices by total inches:

300"-325":  $4,000

326"-350":  $5,500

351"-375":  $7,000

376"-390":  $8,500

391"-399":  $9,500

400"-425":  $11,000

426"-450":  $13,000

451"-475":  $15,000

476"-500":  $18,000

The Red Stag, or Red Deer, is famous as being Europe’s version of the Elk. Although smaller, the Red Stag can still grow to be almost 600 lbs. & with its antlers ending in an amazing crown it is considered more impressive than its American relative to most trophy hunters.

Windmill Game Ranch genetics origintated from New Zealand stock which was transplanted from the Caspian Sea area to New Zealand by Kings of England back in the 1700's.